xf_client.h File Reference
#include <winpr/crt.h>
#include <winpr/synch.h>
#include <winpr/thread.h>
#include <winpr/collections.h>
#include <freerdp/api.h>
#include <freerdp/freerdp.h>
#include <freerdp/client.h>
#include <freerdp/gdi/gdi.h>
#include <freerdp/gdi/dc.h>
#include <freerdp/gdi/region.h>
#include <freerdp/channels/channels.h>
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FREERDP_API int RdpClientEntry (RDP_CLIENT_ENTRY_POINTS *pEntryPoints)

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FREERDP_API int RdpClientEntry ( RDP_CLIENT_ENTRY_POINTS pEntryPoints)

FreeRDP: A Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation X11 Client Interface

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Client Interface