rdp_update_internal Struct Reference

#include <update.h>

Collaboration diagram for rdp_update_internal:

Data Fields

rdpUpdate common
wLog * log
BOOL dump_rfx
BOOL play_rfx
rdpPcap * pcap_rfx
BOOL initialState
BOOL asynchronous
rdpUpdateProxy * proxy
wMessageQueue * queue
UINT16 numberOrders
size_t offsetOrders
BOOL combineUpdates
rdpBounds currentBounds
rdpBounds previousBounds

Field Documentation

◆ asynchronous

BOOL rdp_update_internal::asynchronous

◆ combineUpdates

BOOL rdp_update_internal::combineUpdates

◆ common

rdpUpdate rdp_update_internal::common

◆ currentBounds

rdpBounds rdp_update_internal::currentBounds

◆ dump_rfx

BOOL rdp_update_internal::dump_rfx

◆ initialState

BOOL rdp_update_internal::initialState

◆ log

wLog* rdp_update_internal::log

◆ mux

CRITICAL_SECTION rdp_update_internal::mux

◆ numberOrders

UINT16 rdp_update_internal::numberOrders

◆ offsetOrders

size_t rdp_update_internal::offsetOrders

◆ pcap_rfx

rdpPcap* rdp_update_internal::pcap_rfx

◆ play_rfx

BOOL rdp_update_internal::play_rfx

◆ previousBounds

rdpBounds rdp_update_internal::previousBounds

◆ proxy

rdpUpdateProxy* rdp_update_internal::proxy

◆ queue

wMessageQueue* rdp_update_internal::queue

◆ us

wStream* rdp_update_internal::us

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