rdpShadowServer Struct Reference

#include <shadow.h>

Collaboration diagram for rdpShadowServer:

Data Fields

void * ext
HANDLE thread
HANDLE StopEvent
wArrayList * clients
rdpSettings * settings
rdpShadowScreen * screen
rdpShadowSurface * surface
rdpShadowSurface * lobby
rdpShadowCapture * capture
rdpShadowSubsystem * subsystem
DWORD port
BOOL mayView
BOOL mayInteract
BOOL shareSubRect
BOOL authentication
UINT32 selectedMonitor
RECTANGLE_16 subRect
H264_RATECONTROL_MODE h264RateControlMode
UINT32 h264BitRate
UINT32 h264FrameRate
UINT32 h264QP
char * ipcSocket
char * ConfigPath
char * CertificateFile
char * PrivateKeyFile
freerdp_listener * listener
size_t maxClientsConnected

Field Documentation

◆ authentication

BOOL rdpShadowServer::authentication

◆ capture

rdpShadowCapture* rdpShadowServer::capture

◆ CertificateFile

char* rdpShadowServer::CertificateFile

◆ clients

wArrayList* rdpShadowServer::clients

◆ ConfigPath

char* rdpShadowServer::ConfigPath

◆ ext

void* rdpShadowServer::ext

◆ h264BitRate

UINT32 rdpShadowServer::h264BitRate

◆ h264FrameRate

UINT32 rdpShadowServer::h264FrameRate

◆ h264QP

UINT32 rdpShadowServer::h264QP

◆ h264RateControlMode

H264_RATECONTROL_MODE rdpShadowServer::h264RateControlMode

◆ ipcSocket

char* rdpShadowServer::ipcSocket

◆ listener

freerdp_listener* rdpShadowServer::listener

◆ lobby

rdpShadowSurface* rdpShadowServer::lobby

◆ lock

CRITICAL_SECTION rdpShadowServer::lock

◆ maxClientsConnected

size_t rdpShadowServer::maxClientsConnected

◆ mayInteract

BOOL rdpShadowServer::mayInteract

◆ mayView

BOOL rdpShadowServer::mayView

◆ port

DWORD rdpShadowServer::port

◆ PrivateKeyFile

char* rdpShadowServer::PrivateKeyFile

◆ rfxMode

RLGR_MODE rdpShadowServer::rfxMode

◆ screen

rdpShadowScreen* rdpShadowServer::screen

◆ selectedMonitor

UINT32 rdpShadowServer::selectedMonitor

◆ settings

rdpSettings* rdpShadowServer::settings

◆ shareSubRect

BOOL rdpShadowServer::shareSubRect

◆ StopEvent

HANDLE rdpShadowServer::StopEvent

◆ subRect

RECTANGLE_16 rdpShadowServer::subRect

◆ subsystem

rdpShadowSubsystem* rdpShadowServer::subsystem

◆ surface

rdpShadowSurface* rdpShadowServer::surface

◆ thread

HANDLE rdpShadowServer::thread

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