rdpRdp Struct Reference

#include <rdp.h>

Collaboration diagram for rdpRdp:

Data Fields

rdpContext * context
rdpNla * nla
rdpAad * aad
rdpMcs * mcs
rdpNego * nego
rdpBulk * bulk
rdpInput * input
rdpUpdate * update
rdpFastPath * fastpath
rdpLicense * license
rdpRedirection * redirection
rdpSettings * settings
rdpSettings * originalSettings
rdpSettings * remoteSettings
rdpTransport * transport
rdpAutoDetect * autodetect
rdpHeartbeat * heartbeat
rdpMultitransport * multitransport
WINPR_RC4_CTX * rc4_decrypt_key
UINT32 decrypt_use_count
UINT32 decrypt_checksum_use_count
WINPR_RC4_CTX * rc4_encrypt_key
UINT32 encrypt_use_count
UINT32 encrypt_checksum_use_count
UINT32 sec_flags
BOOL do_crypt
BOOL do_crypt_license
BOOL do_secure_checksum
BYTE sign_key [16]
BYTE decrypt_key [16]
BYTE encrypt_key [16]
BYTE decrypt_update_key [16]
BYTE encrypt_update_key [16]
size_t rc4_key_len
BYTE fips_sign_key [20]
BYTE fips_encrypt_key [24]
BYTE fips_decrypt_key [24]
UINT32 errorInfo
UINT32 finalize_sc_pdus
BOOL resendFocus
UINT64 inBytes
UINT64 inPackets
UINT64 outBytes
UINT64 outPackets
rdpTransportIo * io
void * ioContext
HANDLE abortEvent
wPubSub * pubSub
BOOL monitor_layout_pdu
BOOL was_deactivated
UINT32 deactivated_width
UINT32 deactivated_height
wLog * log
char log_context [64]

Detailed Description

FreeRDP: A Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation FreeRDP Interface

Copyright 2009-2011 Jay Sorg Copyright 2015 Thincast Technologies GmbH Copyright 2015 DI (FH) Martin Haimberger

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Field Documentation

◆ aad

rdpAad* rdpRdp::aad

◆ abortEvent

HANDLE rdpRdp::abortEvent

◆ autodetect

rdpAutoDetect* rdpRdp::autodetect

◆ bulk

rdpBulk* rdpRdp::bulk

◆ context

rdpContext* rdpRdp::context

◆ critical

CRITICAL_SECTION rdpRdp::critical

◆ deactivated_height

UINT32 rdpRdp::deactivated_height

◆ deactivated_width

UINT32 rdpRdp::deactivated_width

◆ decrypt_checksum_use_count

UINT32 rdpRdp::decrypt_checksum_use_count

◆ decrypt_key

BYTE rdpRdp::decrypt_key[16]

◆ decrypt_update_key

BYTE rdpRdp::decrypt_update_key[16]

◆ decrypt_use_count

UINT32 rdpRdp::decrypt_use_count

◆ do_crypt

BOOL rdpRdp::do_crypt

◆ do_crypt_license

BOOL rdpRdp::do_crypt_license

◆ do_secure_checksum

BOOL rdpRdp::do_secure_checksum

◆ encrypt_checksum_use_count

UINT32 rdpRdp::encrypt_checksum_use_count

◆ encrypt_key

BYTE rdpRdp::encrypt_key[16]

◆ encrypt_update_key

BYTE rdpRdp::encrypt_update_key[16]

◆ encrypt_use_count

UINT32 rdpRdp::encrypt_use_count

◆ errorInfo

UINT32 rdpRdp::errorInfo

◆ fastpath

rdpFastPath* rdpRdp::fastpath

◆ finalize_sc_pdus

UINT32 rdpRdp::finalize_sc_pdus

◆ fips_decrypt

WINPR_CIPHER_CTX* rdpRdp::fips_decrypt

◆ fips_decrypt_key

BYTE rdpRdp::fips_decrypt_key[24]

◆ fips_encrypt

WINPR_CIPHER_CTX* rdpRdp::fips_encrypt

◆ fips_encrypt_key

BYTE rdpRdp::fips_encrypt_key[24]

◆ fips_sign_key

BYTE rdpRdp::fips_sign_key[20]

◆ heartbeat

rdpHeartbeat* rdpRdp::heartbeat

◆ inBytes

UINT64 rdpRdp::inBytes

◆ inPackets

UINT64 rdpRdp::inPackets

◆ input

rdpInput* rdpRdp::input

◆ io

rdpTransportIo* rdpRdp::io

◆ ioContext

void* rdpRdp::ioContext

◆ license

rdpLicense* rdpRdp::license

◆ log

wLog* rdpRdp::log

◆ log_context

char rdpRdp::log_context[64]

◆ mcs

rdpMcs* rdpRdp::mcs

◆ monitor_layout_pdu

BOOL rdpRdp::monitor_layout_pdu

◆ multitransport

rdpMultitransport* rdpRdp::multitransport

◆ nego

rdpNego* rdpRdp::nego

◆ nla

rdpNla* rdpRdp::nla

◆ originalSettings

rdpSettings* rdpRdp::originalSettings

◆ outBytes

UINT64 rdpRdp::outBytes

◆ outPackets

UINT64 rdpRdp::outPackets

◆ pubSub

wPubSub* rdpRdp::pubSub

◆ rc4_decrypt_key

WINPR_RC4_CTX* rdpRdp::rc4_decrypt_key

◆ rc4_encrypt_key

WINPR_RC4_CTX* rdpRdp::rc4_encrypt_key

◆ rc4_key_len

size_t rdpRdp::rc4_key_len

◆ redirection

rdpRedirection* rdpRdp::redirection

◆ remoteSettings

rdpSettings* rdpRdp::remoteSettings

◆ resendFocus

BOOL rdpRdp::resendFocus

◆ sec_flags

UINT32 rdpRdp::sec_flags

◆ settings

rdpSettings* rdpRdp::settings

◆ sign_key

BYTE rdpRdp::sign_key[16]

◆ state


◆ transport

rdpTransport* rdpRdp::transport

◆ update

rdpUpdate* rdpRdp::update

◆ was_deactivated

BOOL rdpRdp::was_deactivated

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