server/drdynvc.h File Reference
#include <freerdp/api.h>
#include <freerdp/types.h>
#include <freerdp/channels/wtsvc.h>
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Data Structures

struct  DrdynvcServerContext


typedef UINT(* psDrdynvcStart) (DrdynvcServerContext *context)
typedef UINT(* psDrdynvcStop) (DrdynvcServerContext *context)


FREERDP_API DrdynvcServerContext * drdynvc_server_context_new (HANDLE vcm)
FREERDP_API void drdynvc_server_context_free (DrdynvcServerContext *context)

Typedef Documentation

◆ psDrdynvcStart

typedef UINT(* psDrdynvcStart) (DrdynvcServerContext *context)

◆ psDrdynvcStop

typedef UINT(* psDrdynvcStop) (DrdynvcServerContext *context)

Function Documentation

◆ drdynvc_server_context_free()

FREERDP_API void drdynvc_server_context_free ( DrdynvcServerContext *  context)
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◆ drdynvc_server_context_new()

FREERDP_API DrdynvcServerContext* drdynvc_server_context_new ( HANDLE  vcm)
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