wf_directsound.h File Reference
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int wf_rdpsnd_set_latest_peer (wfPeerContext *peer)
int wf_directsound_activate (RdpsndServerContext *context)
DWORD WINAPI wf_rdpsnd_directsound_thread (LPVOID lpParam)

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◆ wf_directsound_activate()

int wf_directsound_activate ( RdpsndServerContext *  context)
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◆ wf_rdpsnd_directsound_thread()

DWORD WINAPI wf_rdpsnd_directsound_thread ( LPVOID  lpParam)

◆ wf_rdpsnd_set_latest_peer()

int wf_rdpsnd_set_latest_peer ( wfPeerContext *  peer)