wfContext Struct Reference

#include <wf_client.h>

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Data Fields

rdpClientContext common
int offset_x
int offset_y
int fullscreen_toggle
int fullscreen
int percentscreen
WCHAR * window_title
int client_x
int client_y
int client_width
int client_height
HANDLE keyboardThread
HICON icon
HWND hWndParent
LPCTSTR wndClassName
HCURSOR hDefaultCursor
UINT systemMenuInsertPosition
HWND hwnd
BOOL is_shown
ITaskbarList3 * taskBarList
POINT diff
HCURSOR cursor
HBRUSH brush
HBRUSH org_brush
RECT update_rect
RECT scale_update_rect
DWORD mainThreadId
DWORD keyboardThreadId
rdpFile * connectionRdpFile
BOOL disablewindowtracking
BOOL updating_scrollbars
BOOL xScrollVisible
int xMinScroll
int xCurrentScroll
int xMaxScroll
BOOL yScrollVisible
int yMinScroll
int yCurrentScroll
int yMaxScroll
void * clipboard
CliprdrClientContext * cliprdr
wfFloatBar * floatbar
RailClientContext * rail
wHashTable * railWindows
BOOL isConsole
DispClientContext * disp
UINT64 lastSentDate
BOOL wasMaximized

Field Documentation

◆ brush

HBRUSH wfContext::brush

◆ client_height

int wfContext::client_height

◆ client_width

int wfContext::client_width

◆ client_x

int wfContext::client_x

◆ client_y

int wfContext::client_y

◆ clipboard

void* wfContext::clipboard

◆ cliprdr

CliprdrClientContext* wfContext::cliprdr

◆ common

rdpClientContext wfContext::common

◆ connectionRdpFile

rdpFile* wfContext::connectionRdpFile

◆ cursor

HCURSOR wfContext::cursor

◆ diff

POINT wfContext::diff

◆ disablewindowtracking

BOOL wfContext::disablewindowtracking

◆ disp

DispClientContext* wfContext::disp

◆ drawing

wfBitmap* wfContext::drawing

◆ floatbar

wfFloatBar* wfContext::floatbar

◆ fullscreen

int wfContext::fullscreen

◆ fullscreen_toggle

int wfContext::fullscreen_toggle

◆ hDefaultCursor

HCURSOR wfContext::hDefaultCursor

◆ hInstance

HINSTANCE wfContext::hInstance

◆ hwnd

HWND wfContext::hwnd

◆ hWndParent

HWND wfContext::hWndParent

◆ icon

HICON wfContext::icon

◆ is_shown

BOOL wfContext::is_shown

◆ isConsole

BOOL wfContext::isConsole

◆ keyboardThread

HANDLE wfContext::keyboardThread

◆ keyboardThreadId

DWORD wfContext::keyboardThreadId

◆ lastSentDate

UINT64 wfContext::lastSentDate

◆ mainThreadId

DWORD wfContext::mainThreadId

◆ offset_x

int wfContext::offset_x

◆ offset_y

int wfContext::offset_y

◆ org_brush

HBRUSH wfContext::org_brush

◆ percentscreen

int wfContext::percentscreen

◆ primary

wfBitmap* wfContext::primary

◆ rail

RailClientContext* wfContext::rail

◆ railWindows

wHashTable* wfContext::railWindows

◆ scale_update_rect

RECT wfContext::scale_update_rect

◆ systemMenuInsertPosition

UINT wfContext::systemMenuInsertPosition

◆ taskBarList

ITaskbarList3* wfContext::taskBarList

◆ update_rect

RECT wfContext::update_rect

◆ updating_scrollbars

BOOL wfContext::updating_scrollbars

◆ wasMaximized

BOOL wfContext::wasMaximized

◆ window_title

WCHAR* wfContext::window_title

◆ wndClass

WNDCLASSEX wfContext::wndClass

◆ wndClassName

LPCTSTR wfContext::wndClassName

◆ xCurrentScroll

int wfContext::xCurrentScroll

◆ xMaxScroll

int wfContext::xMaxScroll

◆ xMinScroll

int wfContext::xMinScroll

◆ xScrollVisible

BOOL wfContext::xScrollVisible

◆ yCurrentScroll

int wfContext::yCurrentScroll

◆ yMaxScroll

int wfContext::yMaxScroll

◆ yMinScroll

int wfContext::yMinScroll

◆ yScrollVisible

BOOL wfContext::yScrollVisible

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