wIPv4Header Struct Reference

#include <PacketMessage.h>

Data Fields

BYTE Version
BYTE InternetHeaderLength
BYTE TypeOfService
UINT16 TotalLength
UINT16 Identification
BYTE InternetProtocolFlags
UINT16 FragmentOffset
BYTE TimeToLive
BYTE Protocol
UINT16 HeaderChecksum
UINT32 SourceAddress
UINT32 DestinationAddress

Field Documentation

◆ DestinationAddress

UINT32 wIPv4Header::DestinationAddress

◆ FragmentOffset

UINT16 wIPv4Header::FragmentOffset

◆ HeaderChecksum

UINT16 wIPv4Header::HeaderChecksum

◆ Identification

UINT16 wIPv4Header::Identification

◆ InternetHeaderLength

BYTE wIPv4Header::InternetHeaderLength

◆ InternetProtocolFlags

BYTE wIPv4Header::InternetProtocolFlags

◆ Protocol

BYTE wIPv4Header::Protocol

◆ SourceAddress

UINT32 wIPv4Header::SourceAddress

◆ TimeToLive

BYTE wIPv4Header::TimeToLive

◆ TotalLength

UINT16 wIPv4Header::TotalLength

◆ TypeOfService

BYTE wIPv4Header::TypeOfService

◆ Version

BYTE wIPv4Header::Version

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