sdlContext Struct Reference

#include <sdl_freerdp.h>

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Data Fields

rdpClientContext common
BOOL fullscreen
BOOL resizeable
BOOL grab_mouse
BOOL grab_kbd
BOOL highDpi
size_t windowCount
sdl_window_t windows [16]
HANDLE thread
HANDLE initialize
HANDLE initialized
HANDLE update_complete
HANDLE windows_created
int exit_code
SDL_Surface * primary
sdlDispContext * disp
Uint32 sdl_pixel_format
wLog * log

Field Documentation

◆ common

rdpClientContext sdlContext::common

◆ critical

CRITICAL_SECTION sdlContext::critical

◆ disp

sdlDispContext* sdlContext::disp

◆ exit_code

int sdlContext::exit_code

◆ fullscreen

BOOL sdlContext::fullscreen

◆ grab_kbd

BOOL sdlContext::grab_kbd

◆ grab_mouse

BOOL sdlContext::grab_mouse

◆ highDpi

BOOL sdlContext::highDpi

◆ initialize

HANDLE sdlContext::initialize

◆ initialized

HANDLE sdlContext::initialized

◆ log

wLog* sdlContext::log

◆ primary

SDL_Surface* sdlContext::primary

◆ resizeable

BOOL sdlContext::resizeable

◆ sdl_pixel_format

Uint32 sdlContext::sdl_pixel_format

◆ thread

HANDLE sdlContext::thread

◆ update_complete

HANDLE sdlContext::update_complete

◆ windowCount

size_t sdlContext::windowCount

◆ windows

sdl_window_t sdlContext::windows[16]

◆ windows_created

HANDLE sdlContext::windows_created

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