rdpUpdate Struct Reference

#include <update.h>

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Data Fields

rdpContext * context
UINT32 paddingA [16 - 1]
pBeginPaint BeginPaint
pEndPaint EndPaint
pSetBounds SetBounds
pSynchronize Synchronize
pDesktopResize DesktopResize
pBitmapUpdate BitmapUpdate
pPalette Palette
pPlaySound PlaySound
pSetKeyboardIndicators SetKeyboardIndicators
pSetKeyboardImeStatus SetKeyboardImeStatus
UINT32 paddingB [32 - 26]
rdpPointerUpdate * pointer
rdpPrimaryUpdate * primary
rdpSecondaryUpdate * secondary
rdpAltSecUpdate * altsec
rdpWindowUpdate * window
UINT32 paddingC [48 - 37]
pRefreshRect RefreshRect
pSuppressOutput SuppressOutput
pRemoteMonitors RemoteMonitors
UINT32 paddingD [64 - 51]
pSurfaceCommand SurfaceCommand
pSurfaceBits SurfaceBits
pSurfaceFrameMarker SurfaceFrameMarker
pSurfaceFrameBits SurfaceFrameBits
pSurfaceFrameAcknowledge SurfaceFrameAcknowledge
pSaveSessionInfo SaveSessionInfo
pServerStatusInfo ServerStatusInfo
BOOL autoCalculateBitmapData
UINT32 paddingE [80 - 72]

Detailed Description

FreeRDP: A Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation Update Interface API

Copyright 2011 Marc-Andre Moreau

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Field Documentation

◆ altsec

rdpAltSecUpdate* rdpUpdate::altsec

◆ autoCalculateBitmapData

BOOL rdpUpdate::autoCalculateBitmapData

◆ BeginPaint

pBeginPaint rdpUpdate::BeginPaint

◆ BitmapUpdate

pBitmapUpdate rdpUpdate::BitmapUpdate

◆ context

rdpContext* rdpUpdate::context

◆ DesktopResize

pDesktopResize rdpUpdate::DesktopResize

◆ EndPaint

pEndPaint rdpUpdate::EndPaint

◆ paddingA

UINT32 rdpUpdate::paddingA[16 - 1]

◆ paddingB

UINT32 rdpUpdate::paddingB[32 - 26]

◆ paddingC

UINT32 rdpUpdate::paddingC[48 - 37]

◆ paddingD

UINT32 rdpUpdate::paddingD[64 - 51]

◆ paddingE

UINT32 rdpUpdate::paddingE[80 - 72]

◆ Palette

pPalette rdpUpdate::Palette

◆ PlaySound

pPlaySound rdpUpdate::PlaySound

◆ pointer

rdpPointerUpdate* rdpUpdate::pointer

◆ primary

rdpPrimaryUpdate* rdpUpdate::primary

◆ RefreshRect

pRefreshRect rdpUpdate::RefreshRect

◆ RemoteMonitors

pRemoteMonitors rdpUpdate::RemoteMonitors

◆ SaveSessionInfo

pSaveSessionInfo rdpUpdate::SaveSessionInfo

◆ secondary

rdpSecondaryUpdate* rdpUpdate::secondary

◆ ServerStatusInfo

pServerStatusInfo rdpUpdate::ServerStatusInfo

◆ SetBounds

pSetBounds rdpUpdate::SetBounds

◆ SetKeyboardImeStatus

pSetKeyboardImeStatus rdpUpdate::SetKeyboardImeStatus

◆ SetKeyboardIndicators

pSetKeyboardIndicators rdpUpdate::SetKeyboardIndicators

◆ SuppressOutput

pSuppressOutput rdpUpdate::SuppressOutput

◆ SurfaceBits

pSurfaceBits rdpUpdate::SurfaceBits

◆ SurfaceCommand

pSurfaceCommand rdpUpdate::SurfaceCommand

◆ SurfaceFrameAcknowledge

pSurfaceFrameAcknowledge rdpUpdate::SurfaceFrameAcknowledge

◆ SurfaceFrameBits

pSurfaceFrameBits rdpUpdate::SurfaceFrameBits

◆ SurfaceFrameMarker

pSurfaceFrameMarker rdpUpdate::SurfaceFrameMarker

◆ Synchronize

pSynchronize rdpUpdate::Synchronize

◆ window

rdpWindowUpdate* rdpUpdate::window

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