mfContext Struct Reference

#include <mfreerdp.h>

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Data Fields

rdpContext _p
mfInfo * mfi
rdpSettings * settings
rdpClientContext common
void * view
BOOL view_ownership
int width
int height
int offset_x
int offset_y
int fs_toggle
int fullscreen
int percentscreen
char window_title [64]
int client_x
int client_y
int client_width
int client_height
HANDLE stopEvent
HANDLE keyboardThread
enum APPLE_KEYBOARD_TYPE appleKeyboardType
DWORD mainThreadId
DWORD keyboardThreadId
BOOL clipboardSync
wClipboard * clipboard
UINT32 numServerFormats
UINT32 requestedFormatId
HANDLE clipboardRequestEvent
CliprdrClientContext * cliprdr
UINT32 clipboardCapabilities
rdpFile * connectionRdpFile
BOOL disablewindowtracking
BOOL updating_scrollbars
BOOL xScrollVisible
int xMinScroll
int xCurrentScroll
int xMaxScroll
BOOL yScrollVisible
int yMinScroll
int yCurrentScroll
int yMaxScroll
CGEventFlags kbdFlags

Field Documentation

◆ _p

rdpContext mfContext::_p

◆ appleKeyboardType

enum APPLE_KEYBOARD_TYPE mfContext::appleKeyboardType

◆ client_height

int mfContext::client_height

◆ client_width

int mfContext::client_width

◆ client_x

int mfContext::client_x

◆ client_y

int mfContext::client_y

◆ clipboard

wClipboard* mfContext::clipboard

◆ clipboardCapabilities

UINT32 mfContext::clipboardCapabilities

◆ clipboardRequestEvent

HANDLE mfContext::clipboardRequestEvent

◆ clipboardSync

BOOL mfContext::clipboardSync

◆ cliprdr

CliprdrClientContext* mfContext::cliprdr

◆ common

rdpClientContext mfContext::common

◆ connectionRdpFile

rdpFile* mfContext::connectionRdpFile

◆ disablewindowtracking

BOOL mfContext::disablewindowtracking

◆ fs_toggle

int mfContext::fs_toggle

◆ fullscreen

int mfContext::fullscreen

◆ height

int mfContext::height

◆ kbdFlags

CGEventFlags mfContext::kbdFlags

◆ keyboardThread

HANDLE mfContext::keyboardThread

◆ keyboardThreadId

DWORD mfContext::keyboardThreadId

◆ mainThreadId

DWORD mfContext::mainThreadId

◆ mfi

mfInfo* mfContext::mfi

◆ numServerFormats

UINT32 mfContext::numServerFormats

◆ offset_x

int mfContext::offset_x

◆ offset_y

int mfContext::offset_y

◆ percentscreen

int mfContext::percentscreen

◆ requestedFormatId

UINT32 mfContext::requestedFormatId

◆ serverFormats

CLIPRDR_FORMAT* mfContext::serverFormats

◆ settings

rdpSettings* mfContext::settings

◆ stopEvent

HANDLE mfContext::stopEvent

◆ updating_scrollbars

BOOL mfContext::updating_scrollbars

◆ view

void* mfContext::view

◆ view_ownership

BOOL mfContext::view_ownership

◆ width

int mfContext::width

◆ window_title

char mfContext::window_title[64]

◆ xCurrentScroll

int mfContext::xCurrentScroll

◆ xMaxScroll

int mfContext::xMaxScroll

◆ xMinScroll

int mfContext::xMinScroll

◆ xScrollVisible

BOOL mfContext::xScrollVisible

◆ yCurrentScroll

int mfContext::yCurrentScroll

◆ yMaxScroll

int mfContext::yMaxScroll

◆ yMinScroll

int mfContext::yMinScroll

◆ yScrollVisible

BOOL mfContext::yScrollVisible

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