TSMFGstreamerDecoder Struct Reference

#include <tsmf_platform.h>

Data Fields

ITSMFDecoder iface
int media_type
gint64 duration
GstState state
GstCaps * gst_caps
GstElement * pipe
GstElement * src
GstElement * queue
GstElement * outsink
GstElement * volume
BOOL ready
BOOL paused
UINT64 last_sample_start_time
UINT64 last_sample_end_time
BOOL seeking
UINT64 seek_offset
double gstVolume
BOOL gstMuted
int pipeline_start_time_valid
int shutdown
void * platform
BOOL(* ack_cb )(void *, BOOL)
void(* sync_cb )(void *)
void * stream

Field Documentation

◆ ack_cb

BOOL(* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::ack_cb) (void *, BOOL)

◆ duration

gint64 TSMFGstreamerDecoder::duration

◆ gst_caps

GstCaps* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::gst_caps

◆ gstMuted

BOOL TSMFGstreamerDecoder::gstMuted

◆ gstVolume

double TSMFGstreamerDecoder::gstVolume

◆ iface

ITSMFDecoder TSMFGstreamerDecoder::iface

◆ last_sample_end_time

UINT64 TSMFGstreamerDecoder::last_sample_end_time

◆ last_sample_start_time

UINT64 TSMFGstreamerDecoder::last_sample_start_time

◆ media_type

int TSMFGstreamerDecoder::media_type

◆ outsink

GstElement* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::outsink

◆ paused

BOOL TSMFGstreamerDecoder::paused

◆ pipe

GstElement* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::pipe

◆ pipeline_start_time_valid

int TSMFGstreamerDecoder::pipeline_start_time_valid

◆ platform

void* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::platform

◆ queue

GstElement* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::queue

◆ ready

BOOL TSMFGstreamerDecoder::ready

◆ seek_offset

UINT64 TSMFGstreamerDecoder::seek_offset

◆ seeking

BOOL TSMFGstreamerDecoder::seeking

◆ shutdown

int TSMFGstreamerDecoder::shutdown

◆ src

GstElement* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::src

◆ state

GstState TSMFGstreamerDecoder::state

◆ stream

void* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::stream

◆ sync_cb

void(* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::sync_cb) (void *)

◆ volume

GstElement* TSMFGstreamerDecoder::volume

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