LodePNGInfo Struct Reference

#include <lodepng.h>

Collaboration diagram for LodePNGInfo:

Data Fields

unsigned compression_method
unsigned filter_method
unsigned interlace_method
LodePNGColorMode color
unsigned background_defined
unsigned background_r
unsigned background_g
unsigned background_b
size_t text_num
char ** text_keys
char ** text_strings
size_t itext_num
char ** itext_keys
char ** itext_langtags
char ** itext_transkeys
char ** itext_strings
unsigned time_defined
LodePNGTime time
unsigned phys_defined
unsigned phys_x
unsigned phys_y
unsigned phys_unit
unsigned char * unknown_chunks_data [3]
size_t unknown_chunks_size [3]

Field Documentation

◆ background_b

unsigned LodePNGInfo::background_b

◆ background_defined

unsigned LodePNGInfo::background_defined

◆ background_g

unsigned LodePNGInfo::background_g

◆ background_r

unsigned LodePNGInfo::background_r

◆ color

LodePNGColorMode LodePNGInfo::color

◆ compression_method

unsigned LodePNGInfo::compression_method

◆ filter_method

unsigned LodePNGInfo::filter_method

◆ interlace_method

unsigned LodePNGInfo::interlace_method

◆ itext_keys

char** LodePNGInfo::itext_keys

◆ itext_langtags

char** LodePNGInfo::itext_langtags

◆ itext_num

size_t LodePNGInfo::itext_num

◆ itext_strings

char** LodePNGInfo::itext_strings

◆ itext_transkeys

char** LodePNGInfo::itext_transkeys

◆ phys_defined

unsigned LodePNGInfo::phys_defined

◆ phys_unit

unsigned LodePNGInfo::phys_unit

◆ phys_x

unsigned LodePNGInfo::phys_x

◆ phys_y

unsigned LodePNGInfo::phys_y

◆ text_keys

char** LodePNGInfo::text_keys

◆ text_num

size_t LodePNGInfo::text_num

◆ text_strings

char** LodePNGInfo::text_strings

◆ time

LodePNGTime LodePNGInfo::time

◆ time_defined

unsigned LodePNGInfo::time_defined

◆ unknown_chunks_data

unsigned char* LodePNGInfo::unknown_chunks_data[3]

◆ unknown_chunks_size

size_t LodePNGInfo::unknown_chunks_size[3]

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