h264_openh264.c File Reference
#include <freerdp/config.h>
#include <winpr/library.h>
#include <winpr/assert.h>
#include <freerdp/log.h>
#include <freerdp/codec/h264.h>
#include <wels/codec_def.h>
#include <wels/codec_api.h>
#include <wels/codec_ver.h>
#include "h264.h"


typedef void(* pWelsGetCodecVersionEx) (OpenH264Version *pVersion)
typedef long(* pWelsCreateDecoder) (ISVCDecoder **ppDecoder)
typedef void(* pWelsDestroyDecoder) (ISVCDecoder *pDecoder)
typedef int(* pWelsCreateSVCEncoder) (ISVCEncoder **ppEncoder)
typedef void(* pWelsDestroySVCEncoder) (ISVCEncoder *pEncoder)


static void openh264_trace_callback (H264_CONTEXT *h264, int level, const char *message)
static int openh264_decompress (H264_CONTEXT *h264, const BYTE *pSrcData, UINT32 SrcSize)
static int openh264_compress (H264_CONTEXT *h264, const BYTE **pYUVData, const UINT32 *iStride, BYTE **ppDstData, UINT32 *pDstSize)
static void openh264_uninit (H264_CONTEXT *h264)
static BOOL openh264_init (H264_CONTEXT *h264)


const H264_CONTEXT_SUBSYSTEM g_Subsystem_OpenH264

Typedef Documentation

◆ pWelsCreateDecoder

typedef long(* pWelsCreateDecoder) (ISVCDecoder **ppDecoder)

◆ pWelsCreateSVCEncoder

typedef int(* pWelsCreateSVCEncoder) (ISVCEncoder **ppEncoder)

◆ pWelsDestroyDecoder

typedef void(* pWelsDestroyDecoder) (ISVCDecoder *pDecoder)

◆ pWelsDestroySVCEncoder

typedef void(* pWelsDestroySVCEncoder) (ISVCEncoder *pEncoder)

◆ pWelsGetCodecVersionEx

typedef void(* pWelsGetCodecVersionEx) (OpenH264Version *pVersion)

FreeRDP: A Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation H.264 Bitmap Compression

Copyright 2014 Mike McDonald Copyright 2015 Vic Lee Copyright 2014 Armin Novak

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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Function Documentation

◆ openh264_compress()

static int openh264_compress ( H264_CONTEXT *  h264,
const BYTE **  pYUVData,
const UINT32 *  iStride,
BYTE **  ppDstData,
UINT32 *  pDstSize 

◆ openh264_decompress()

static int openh264_decompress ( H264_CONTEXT *  h264,
const BYTE pSrcData,
UINT32  SrcSize 

◆ openh264_init()

static BOOL openh264_init ( H264_CONTEXT *  h264)
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◆ openh264_trace_callback()

static void openh264_trace_callback ( H264_CONTEXT *  h264,
int  level,
const char *  message 
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◆ openh264_uninit()

static void openh264_uninit ( H264_CONTEXT *  h264)
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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ g_Subsystem_OpenH264

const H264_CONTEXT_SUBSYSTEM g_Subsystem_OpenH264
Initial value:
= { "OpenH264", openh264_init, openh264_uninit,
static BOOL openh264_init(H264_CONTEXT *h264)
Definition: h264_openh264.c:486
static void openh264_uninit(H264_CONTEXT *h264)
Definition: h264_openh264.c:387
static int openh264_compress(H264_CONTEXT *h264, const BYTE **pYUVData, const UINT32 *iStride, BYTE **ppDstData, UINT32 *pDstSize)
Definition: h264_openh264.c:182
static int openh264_decompress(H264_CONTEXT *h264, const BYTE *pSrcData, UINT32 SrcSize)
Definition: h264_openh264.c:77