CMakeLists.txt File Reference


 define_channel_client_subsystem ("tsmf" "gstreamer" "decoder") if(NOT GSTREAMER_0_10_FOUND AND NOT GSTREAMER_1_0_FOUND) message(FATAL_ERROR "GStreamer library not found
but required for TSMF module elseif (GSTREAMER_0_10_FOUND AND GSTREAMER_1_0_FOUND) message(FATAL_ERROR "GStreamer 0.10 and GStreamer 1.0 support are mutually exclusive!") endif() set(SRC "tsmf_gstreamer.c") if(GSTREAMER_1_0_FOUND) set(LIBS $
 include_directories (${GSTREAMER_1_0_INCLUDE_DIRS}) elseif(GSTREAMER_0_10_FOUND) set(LIBS $
tsmf_android c set (LIBS ${LIBS}) else() set(XEXT_FEATURE_TYPE "RECOMMENDED") set(XEXT_FEATURE_PURPOSE "X11 extension") set(XEXT_FEATURE_DESCRIPTION "X11 core extensions") find_feature(Xext $

Function Documentation

◆ define_channel_client_subsystem()

define_channel_client_subsystem ( "tsmf" "gstreamer" "decoder"  )

◆ elseif()

but required for TSMF module elseif ( GSTREAMER_0_10_FOUND AND  GSTREAMER_1_0_FOUND)

◆ include_directories()

include_directories (   ${GSTREAMER_1_0_INCLUDE_DIRS})

◆ set()

tsmf_android c set ( LIBS ${LIBS}  )