PathAllocCombine.c File Reference
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HRESULT PATH_ALLOC_COMBINE (PCSTR pszPathIn, PCSTR pszMore, unsigned long dwFlags, PSTR *ppszPathOut)

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PCSTR  pszMore,
unsigned long  dwFlags,
PSTR *  ppszPathOut 

FIXME: These implementations of the PathAllocCombine functions have several issues:

  • pszPathIn or pszMore may be NULL (but not both)
  • no check if pszMore is fully qualified (if so, it must be directly copied to the output buffer without being combined with pszPathIn.
  • if pszMore begins with a single backslash it must be combined with only the root of the path pointed to by pszPathIn and there's no code to extract the root of pszPathIn.
  • the function will crash with some short string lengths of the parameters