winhttp.c File Reference
#include <winpr/winhttp.h>


BOOL WinHttpTimeFromSystemTime (const SYSTEMTIME *pst, LPWSTR pwszTime)
BOOL WinHttpTimeToSystemTime (LPCWSTR pwszTime, SYSTEMTIME *pst)
BOOL WinHttpCrackUrl (LPCWSTR pwszUrl, DWORD dwUrlLength, DWORD dwFlags, LPURL_COMPONENTS lpUrlComponents)
BOOL WinHttpCreateUrl (LPURL_COMPONENTS lpUrlComponents, DWORD dwFlags, LPWSTR pwszUrl, LPDWORD pdwUrlLength)
BOOL WinHttpCheckPlatform (void)
BOOL WinHttpGetDefaultProxyConfiguration (WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo)
BOOL WinHttpSetDefaultProxyConfiguration (WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo)
HINTERNET WinHttpOpen (LPCWSTR pszAgentW, DWORD dwAccessType, LPCWSTR pszProxyW, LPCWSTR pszProxyBypassW, DWORD dwFlags)
BOOL WinHttpCloseHandle (HINTERNET hInternet)
HINTERNET WinHttpConnect (HINTERNET hSession, LPCWSTR pswzServerName, INTERNET_PORT nServerPort, DWORD dwReserved)
BOOL WinHttpReadData (HINTERNET hRequest, LPVOID lpBuffer, DWORD dwNumberOfBytesToRead, LPDWORD lpdwNumberOfBytesRead)
BOOL WinHttpWriteData (HINTERNET hRequest, LPCVOID lpBuffer, DWORD dwNumberOfBytesToWrite, LPDWORD lpdwNumberOfBytesWritten)
BOOL WinHttpQueryDataAvailable (HINTERNET hRequest, LPDWORD lpdwNumberOfBytesAvailable)
BOOL WinHttpQueryOption (HINTERNET hInternet, DWORD dwOption, LPVOID lpBuffer, LPDWORD lpdwBufferLength)
BOOL WinHttpSetOption (HINTERNET hInternet, DWORD dwOption, LPVOID lpBuffer, DWORD dwBufferLength)
BOOL WinHttpSetTimeouts (HINTERNET hInternet, int nResolveTimeout, int nConnectTimeout, int nSendTimeout, int nReceiveTimeout)
DWORD WinHttpIsHostInProxyBypassList (const WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo, PCWSTR pwszHost, INTERNET_SCHEME tScheme, INTERNET_PORT nPort, BOOL *pfIsInBypassList)
WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK WinHttpSetStatusCallback (HINTERNET hInternet, WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK lpfnInternetCallback, DWORD dwNotificationFlags, DWORD_PTR dwReserved)
HINTERNET WinHttpOpenRequest (HINTERNET hConnect, LPCWSTR pwszVerb, LPCWSTR pwszObjectName, LPCWSTR pwszVersion, LPCWSTR pwszReferrer, LPCWSTR *ppwszAcceptTypes, DWORD dwFlags)
BOOL WinHttpAddRequestHeaders (HINTERNET hRequest, LPCWSTR pwszHeaders, DWORD dwHeadersLength, DWORD dwModifiers)
BOOL WinHttpSendRequest (HINTERNET hRequest, LPCWSTR lpszHeaders, DWORD dwHeadersLength, LPVOID lpOptional, DWORD dwOptionalLength, DWORD dwTotalLength, DWORD_PTR dwContext)
BOOL WinHttpSetCredentials (HINTERNET hRequest, DWORD AuthTargets, DWORD AuthScheme, LPCWSTR pwszUserName, LPCWSTR pwszPassword, LPVOID pAuthParams)
BOOL WinHttpQueryAuthSchemes (HINTERNET hRequest, LPDWORD lpdwSupportedSchemes, LPDWORD lpdwFirstScheme, LPDWORD pdwAuthTarget)
BOOL WinHttpQueryAuthParams (HINTERNET hRequest, DWORD AuthScheme, LPVOID *pAuthParams)
BOOL WinHttpReceiveResponse (HINTERNET hRequest, LPVOID lpReserved)
BOOL WinHttpQueryHeaders (HINTERNET hRequest, DWORD dwInfoLevel, LPCWSTR pwszName, LPVOID lpBuffer, LPDWORD lpdwBufferLength, LPDWORD lpdwIndex)
BOOL WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl (DWORD dwAutoDetectFlags, LPWSTR *ppwstrAutoConfigUrl)
BOOL WinHttpGetProxyForUrl (HINTERNET hSession, LPCWSTR lpcwszUrl, WINHTTP_AUTOPROXY_OPTIONS *pAutoProxyOptions, WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO *pProxyInfo)
BOOL WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser (WINHTTP_CURRENT_USER_IE_PROXY_CONFIG *pProxyConfig)

Function Documentation

BOOL WinHttpAddRequestHeaders ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPCWSTR  pwszHeaders,
DWORD  dwHeadersLength,
DWORD  dwModifiers 
BOOL WinHttpCheckPlatform ( void  )
BOOL WinHttpCloseHandle ( HINTERNET  hInternet)
HINTERNET WinHttpConnect ( HINTERNET  hSession,
LPCWSTR  pswzServerName,
DWORD  dwReserved 
BOOL WinHttpCrackUrl ( LPCWSTR  pwszUrl,
DWORD  dwUrlLength,
DWORD  dwFlags,
LPURL_COMPONENTS  lpUrlComponents 
BOOL WinHttpCreateUrl ( LPURL_COMPONENTS  lpUrlComponents,
DWORD  dwFlags,
LPWSTR  pwszUrl,
LPDWORD  pdwUrlLength 
BOOL WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl ( DWORD  dwAutoDetectFlags,
LPWSTR *  ppwstrAutoConfigUrl 
BOOL WinHttpGetDefaultProxyConfiguration ( WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO pProxyInfo)
BOOL WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser ( WINHTTP_CURRENT_USER_IE_PROXY_CONFIG pProxyConfig)
BOOL WinHttpGetProxyForUrl ( HINTERNET  hSession,
LPCWSTR  lpcwszUrl,
DWORD WinHttpIsHostInProxyBypassList ( const WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO pProxyInfo,
PCWSTR  pwszHost,
BOOL *  pfIsInBypassList 
HINTERNET WinHttpOpen ( LPCWSTR  pszAgentW,
DWORD  dwAccessType,
LPCWSTR  pszProxyW,
LPCWSTR  pszProxyBypassW,
DWORD  dwFlags 
HINTERNET WinHttpOpenRequest ( HINTERNET  hConnect,
LPCWSTR  pwszVerb,
LPCWSTR  pwszObjectName,
LPCWSTR  pwszVersion,
LPCWSTR  pwszReferrer,
LPCWSTR *  ppwszAcceptTypes,
DWORD  dwFlags 
BOOL WinHttpQueryAuthParams ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
DWORD  AuthScheme,
LPVOID *  pAuthParams 
BOOL WinHttpQueryAuthSchemes ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPDWORD  lpdwSupportedSchemes,
LPDWORD  lpdwFirstScheme,
LPDWORD  pdwAuthTarget 
BOOL WinHttpQueryDataAvailable ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPDWORD  lpdwNumberOfBytesAvailable 
BOOL WinHttpQueryHeaders ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
DWORD  dwInfoLevel,
LPCWSTR  pwszName,
LPVOID  lpBuffer,
LPDWORD  lpdwBufferLength,
LPDWORD  lpdwIndex 
BOOL WinHttpQueryOption ( HINTERNET  hInternet,
DWORD  dwOption,
LPVOID  lpBuffer,
LPDWORD  lpdwBufferLength 
BOOL WinHttpReadData ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPVOID  lpBuffer,
DWORD  dwNumberOfBytesToRead,
LPDWORD  lpdwNumberOfBytesRead 
BOOL WinHttpReceiveResponse ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPVOID  lpReserved 
BOOL WinHttpSendRequest ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPCWSTR  lpszHeaders,
DWORD  dwHeadersLength,
LPVOID  lpOptional,
DWORD  dwOptionalLength,
DWORD  dwTotalLength,
DWORD_PTR  dwContext 
BOOL WinHttpSetCredentials ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
DWORD  AuthTargets,
DWORD  AuthScheme,
LPCWSTR  pwszUserName,
LPCWSTR  pwszPassword,
LPVOID  pAuthParams 
BOOL WinHttpSetDefaultProxyConfiguration ( WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO pProxyInfo)
BOOL WinHttpSetOption ( HINTERNET  hInternet,
DWORD  dwOption,
LPVOID  lpBuffer,
DWORD  dwBufferLength 
WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK WinHttpSetStatusCallback ( HINTERNET  hInternet,
WINHTTP_STATUS_CALLBACK  lpfnInternetCallback,
DWORD  dwNotificationFlags,
DWORD_PTR  dwReserved 
BOOL WinHttpSetTimeouts ( HINTERNET  hInternet,
int  nResolveTimeout,
int  nConnectTimeout,
int  nSendTimeout,
int  nReceiveTimeout 
BOOL WinHttpTimeFromSystemTime ( const SYSTEMTIME *  pst,
LPWSTR  pwszTime 

WinPR: Windows Portable Runtime Windows HTTP (WinHTTP)

Copyright 2012 Marc-Andre Moreau

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. winhttp.dll:

WinHttpAddRequestHeaders WinHttpAutoProxySvcMain WinHttpCheckPlatform WinHttpCloseHandle WinHttpConnect WinHttpCrackUrl WinHttpCreateProxyResolver WinHttpCreateUrl WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl WinHttpFreeProxyResult WinHttpGetDefaultProxyConfiguration WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser WinHttpGetProxyForUrl WinHttpGetProxyForUrlEx WinHttpGetProxyResult WinHttpOpen WinHttpOpenRequest WinHttpQueryAuthSchemes WinHttpQueryDataAvailable WinHttpQueryHeaders WinHttpQueryOption WinHttpReadData WinHttpReceiveResponse WinHttpResetAutoProxy WinHttpSendRequest WinHttpSetCredentials WinHttpSetDefaultProxyConfiguration WinHttpSetOption WinHttpSetStatusCallback WinHttpSetTimeouts WinHttpTimeFromSystemTime WinHttpTimeToSystemTime WinHttpWebSocketClose WinHttpWebSocketCompleteUpgrade WinHttpWebSocketQueryCloseStatus WinHttpWebSocketReceive WinHttpWebSocketSend WinHttpWebSocketShutdown WinHttpWriteData

BOOL WinHttpTimeToSystemTime ( LPCWSTR  pwszTime,
BOOL WinHttpWriteData ( HINTERNET  hRequest,
LPCVOID  lpBuffer,
DWORD  dwNumberOfBytesToWrite,
LPDWORD  lpdwNumberOfBytesWritten