xfWindow Struct Reference

#include <xf_window.h>

Data Fields

GC gc
int left
int top
int right
int bottom
int width
int height
int shmid
Window handle
Window * xfwin
xfFloatbar * floatbar
BOOL decorations
BOOL is_mapped
BOOL is_transient

Field Documentation

int xfWindow::bottom
BOOL xfWindow::decorations
xfFloatbar* xfWindow::floatbar
GC xfWindow::gc
Window xfWindow::handle
int xfWindow::height
BOOL xfWindow::is_mapped
BOOL xfWindow::is_transient
int xfWindow::left
int xfWindow::right
int xfWindow::shmid
int xfWindow::top
int xfWindow::width
Window* xfWindow::xfwin

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