wfInfo Struct Reference

#include <wf_interface.h>

Collaboration diagram for wfInfo:

Data Fields

wStream * s
int screenID
int virtscreen_width
int virtscreen_height
int servscreen_width
int servscreen_height
int servscreen_xoffset
int servscreen_yoffset
int frame_idx
int bitsPerPixel
HDC driverDC
int peerCount
int activePeerCount
int framesPerSecond
LPTSTR deviceKey
TCHAR deviceName [32]
freerdp_peer ** peers
BOOL mirrorDriverActive
UINT framesWaiting
HANDLE snd_mutex
BOOL snd_stop
RECT invalid
HANDLE mutex
BOOL updatePending
HANDLE updateEvent
HANDLE updateThread
HANDLE updateSemaphore
RFX_CONTEXT * rfx_context
unsigned long lastUpdate
unsigned long nextUpdate
BOOL input_disabled
BOOL force_all_disconnect

Field Documentation

int wfInfo::activePeerCount
AUDIO_FORMAT* wfInfo::agreed_format
int wfInfo::bitsPerPixel
void* wfInfo::changeBuffer
LPTSTR wfInfo::deviceKey
TCHAR wfInfo::deviceName[32]
HDC wfInfo::driverDC
BOOL wfInfo::force_all_disconnect
int wfInfo::frame_idx
int wfInfo::framesPerSecond
UINT wfInfo::framesWaiting
BOOL wfInfo::input_disabled
RECT wfInfo::invalid
unsigned long wfInfo::lastUpdate
BOOL wfInfo::mirrorDriverActive
HANDLE wfInfo::mutex
unsigned long wfInfo::nextUpdate
int wfInfo::peerCount
freerdp_peer** wfInfo::peers
RFX_CONTEXT* wfInfo::rfx_context
wStream* wfInfo::s
int wfInfo::screenID
int wfInfo::servscreen_height
int wfInfo::servscreen_width
int wfInfo::servscreen_xoffset
int wfInfo::servscreen_yoffset
HANDLE wfInfo::snd_mutex
BOOL wfInfo::snd_stop
HANDLE wfInfo::updateEvent
BOOL wfInfo::updatePending
HANDLE wfInfo::updateSemaphore
HANDLE wfInfo::updateThread
int wfInfo::virtscreen_height
int wfInfo::virtscreen_width

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