UwacWindow Struct Reference

a window More...

#include <uwac-priv.h>

Data Fields

UwacDisplay * display
int width
int height
int stride
int surfaceStates
enum wl_shm_format format
int nbuffers
UwacBuffer * buffers
struct wl_region * opaque_region
struct wl_region * input_region
UwacBuffer * drawingBuffer
UwacBuffer * pendingBuffer
struct wl_surface * surface
struct wl_shell_surface * shell_surface
struct xdg_surface * xdg_surface
struct xdg_toplevel * xdg_toplevel
struct zxdg_toplevel_decoration_v1 * deco
struct org_kde_kwin_server_decoration * kde_deco
struct wl_list link
uint32_t pointer_enter_serial
uint32_t pointer_cursor_serial
int pointer_current_cursor

Detailed Description

a window

Field Documentation

UwacBuffer* UwacWindow::buffers
struct zxdg_toplevel_decoration_v1* UwacWindow::deco
UwacDisplay* UwacWindow::display
UwacBuffer* UwacWindow::drawingBuffer
enum wl_shm_format UwacWindow::format
int UwacWindow::height
struct wl_region* UwacWindow::input_region
struct org_kde_kwin_server_decoration* UwacWindow::kde_deco
struct wl_list UwacWindow::link
int UwacWindow::nbuffers
struct wl_region* UwacWindow::opaque_region
UwacBuffer * UwacWindow::pendingBuffer
int UwacWindow::pointer_current_cursor
uint32_t UwacWindow::pointer_cursor_serial
uint32_t UwacWindow::pointer_enter_serial
struct wl_shell_surface* UwacWindow::shell_surface
int UwacWindow::stride
struct wl_surface* UwacWindow::surface
int UwacWindow::surfaceStates
int UwacWindow::width
struct xdg_surface* UwacWindow::xdg_surface
struct xdg_toplevel* UwacWindow::xdg_toplevel

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