UwacSeat Struct Reference

a seat attached to a wayland display More...

#include <uwac-priv.h>

Data Fields

UwacDisplay * display
char * name
struct wl_seat * seat
uint32_t seat_id
uint32_t seat_version
struct wl_pointer * pointer
struct wl_keyboard * keyboard
struct wl_touch * touch
struct xkb_context * xkb_context
struct {
   struct xkb_keymap *   keymap
   struct xkb_state *   state
   xkb_mod_mask_t   control_mask
   xkb_mod_mask_t   alt_mask
   xkb_mod_mask_t   shift_mask
uint32_t modifiers
int32_t repeat_rate_sec
int32_t repeat_rate_nsec
int32_t repeat_delay_sec
int32_t repeat_delay_nsec
uint32_t repeat_sym
uint32_t repeat_key
uint32_t repeat_time
struct wl_array pressed_keys
UwacWindow * pointer_focus
UwacWindow * keyboard_focus
UwacWindow * touch_focus
bool touch_frame_started
int repeat_timer_fd
UwacTask repeat_task
float sx
float sy
struct wl_list link

Detailed Description

a seat attached to a wayland display

Field Documentation

xkb_mod_mask_t UwacSeat::alt_mask
xkb_mod_mask_t UwacSeat::control_mask
UwacDisplay* UwacSeat::display
struct wl_keyboard* UwacSeat::keyboard
UwacWindow* UwacSeat::keyboard_focus
struct xkb_keymap* UwacSeat::keymap
struct wl_list UwacSeat::link
uint32_t UwacSeat::modifiers
char* UwacSeat::name
struct wl_pointer* UwacSeat::pointer
UwacWindow* UwacSeat::pointer_focus
struct wl_array UwacSeat::pressed_keys
int32_t UwacSeat::repeat_delay_nsec
int32_t UwacSeat::repeat_delay_sec
uint32_t UwacSeat::repeat_key
int32_t UwacSeat::repeat_rate_nsec
int32_t UwacSeat::repeat_rate_sec
uint32_t UwacSeat::repeat_sym
UwacTask UwacSeat::repeat_task
uint32_t UwacSeat::repeat_time
int UwacSeat::repeat_timer_fd
struct wl_seat* UwacSeat::seat
uint32_t UwacSeat::seat_id
uint32_t UwacSeat::seat_version
xkb_mod_mask_t UwacSeat::shift_mask
struct xkb_state* UwacSeat::state
float UwacSeat::sx
float UwacSeat::sy
struct wl_touch* UwacSeat::touch
UwacWindow* UwacSeat::touch_focus
bool UwacSeat::touch_frame_started
struct { ... } UwacSeat::xkb
struct xkb_context* UwacSeat::xkb_context

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