UwacOutput Struct Reference

an output on a wayland display More...

#include <uwac-priv.h>

Data Fields

UwacDisplay * display
bool doneNeeded
bool doneReceived
UwacSize resolution
int transform
int scale
char * make
char * model
uint32_t server_output_id
struct wl_output * output
struct wl_list link

Detailed Description

an output on a wayland display

Field Documentation

UwacDisplay* UwacOutput::display
bool UwacOutput::doneNeeded
bool UwacOutput::doneReceived
struct wl_list UwacOutput::link
char* UwacOutput::make
char* UwacOutput::model
struct wl_output* UwacOutput::output
UwacSize UwacOutput::resolution
int UwacOutput::scale
uint32_t UwacOutput::server_output_id
int UwacOutput::transform

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