UwacDisplay Struct Reference

main connection object to a wayland display More...

#include <uwac-priv.h>

Data Fields

struct wl_list globals
struct wl_display * display
struct wl_registry * registry
struct wl_compositor * compositor
struct wl_subcompositor * subcompositor
struct wl_shell * shell
struct xdg_shell * xdg_shell
struct wl_shm * shm
enum wl_shm_format * shm_formats
uint32_t shm_formats_nb
bool has_rgb565
struct wl_data_device_manager * data_device_manager
struct text_cursor_position * text_cursor_position
struct workspace_manager * workspace_manager
struct wl_list seats
int display_fd
UwacReturnCode last_error
uint32_t display_fd_events
int epoll_fd
bool running
UwacTask dispatch_fd_task
uint32_t serial
struct wl_cursor_theme * cursor_theme
struct wl_cursor ** cursors
struct wl_list windows
struct wl_list outputs
UwacEventListItem * push_queue
UwacEventListItem * pop_queue

Detailed Description

main connection object to a wayland display

Field Documentation

struct wl_compositor* UwacDisplay::compositor
struct wl_cursor_theme* UwacDisplay::cursor_theme
struct wl_cursor** UwacDisplay::cursors
struct wl_data_device_manager* UwacDisplay::data_device_manager
UwacTask UwacDisplay::dispatch_fd_task
struct wl_display* UwacDisplay::display
int UwacDisplay::display_fd
uint32_t UwacDisplay::display_fd_events
int UwacDisplay::epoll_fd
struct wl_list UwacDisplay::globals
bool UwacDisplay::has_rgb565
UwacReturnCode UwacDisplay::last_error
struct wl_list UwacDisplay::outputs
UwacEventListItem * UwacDisplay::pop_queue
UwacEventListItem* UwacDisplay::push_queue
struct wl_registry* UwacDisplay::registry
bool UwacDisplay::running
struct wl_list UwacDisplay::seats
uint32_t UwacDisplay::serial
struct wl_shell* UwacDisplay::shell
struct wl_shm* UwacDisplay::shm
enum wl_shm_format* UwacDisplay::shm_formats
uint32_t UwacDisplay::shm_formats_nb
struct wl_subcompositor* UwacDisplay::subcompositor
struct text_cursor_position* UwacDisplay::text_cursor_position
struct wl_list UwacDisplay::windows
struct workspace_manager* UwacDisplay::workspace_manager
struct xdg_shell* UwacDisplay::xdg_shell

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