rdpGdi Struct Reference

#include <gdi.h>

Data Fields

rdpContext * context
INT32 width
INT32 height
UINT32 stride
UINT32 dstFormat
UINT32 cursor_x
UINT32 cursor_y
gdiBitmap * primary
gdiBitmap * drawing
UINT32 bitmap_size
UINT32 bitmap_stride
gdiPalette palette
gdiBitmap * image
void(* free )(void *)
BOOL inGfxFrame
BOOL graphicsReset
BOOL suppressOutput
UINT16 outputSurfaceId
RdpgfxClientContext * gfx
VideoClientContext * video
GeometryClientContext * geometry
wLog * log

Field Documentation

UINT32 rdpGdi::bitmap_size
UINT32 rdpGdi::bitmap_stride
rdpContext* rdpGdi::context
UINT32 rdpGdi::cursor_x
UINT32 rdpGdi::cursor_y
gdiBitmap* rdpGdi::drawing
UINT32 rdpGdi::dstFormat
void(* rdpGdi::free) (void *)
GeometryClientContext* rdpGdi::geometry
RdpgfxClientContext* rdpGdi::gfx
BOOL rdpGdi::graphicsReset
HGDI_DC rdpGdi::hdc
INT32 rdpGdi::height
gdiBitmap* rdpGdi::image
BOOL rdpGdi::inGfxFrame
wLog* rdpGdi::log
UINT16 rdpGdi::outputSurfaceId
gdiPalette rdpGdi::palette
gdiBitmap* rdpGdi::primary
BYTE* rdpGdi::primary_buffer
UINT32 rdpGdi::stride
BOOL rdpGdi::suppressOutput
VideoClientContext* rdpGdi::video
INT32 rdpGdi::width

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