proxyData Struct Reference

#include <pf_context.h>

Data Fields

proxyConfig * config
pServerContext * ps
pClientContext * pc
HANDLE abort_event
HANDLE client_thread
HANDLE gfx_server_ready
char session_id [PROXY_SESSION_ID_LENGTH+1]
wHashTable * modules_info

Detailed Description

Holds data common to both sides of a proxy's session.

Field Documentation

◆ abort_event

HANDLE proxyData::abort_event

◆ client_thread

HANDLE proxyData::client_thread

◆ config

proxyConfig* proxyData::config

◆ gfx_server_ready

HANDLE proxyData::gfx_server_ready

◆ modules_info

wHashTable* proxyData::modules_info

◆ pc

pClientContext* proxyData::pc

◆ ps

pServerContext* proxyData::ps

◆ session_id

char proxyData::session_id[PROXY_SESSION_ID_LENGTH+1]

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