proxyConfig Struct Reference

#include <pf_config.h>

Data Fields

char * Host
UINT16 Port
BOOL UseLoadBalanceInfo
char * TargetHost
UINT16 TargetPort
BOOL Keyboard
BOOL Mouse
BOOL ServerTlsSecurity
BOOL ServerRdpSecurity
BOOL ClientNlaSecurity
BOOL ClientTlsSecurity
BOOL ClientRdpSecurity
BOOL DisplayControl
BOOL Clipboard
BOOL AudioOutput
BOOL TextOnly
UINT32 MaxTextLength

Field Documentation

BOOL proxyConfig::AudioOutput
BOOL proxyConfig::ClientNlaSecurity
BOOL proxyConfig::ClientRdpSecurity
BOOL proxyConfig::ClientTlsSecurity
BOOL proxyConfig::Clipboard
BOOL proxyConfig::DisplayControl
BOOL proxyConfig::GFX
char* proxyConfig::Host
BOOL proxyConfig::Keyboard
UINT32 proxyConfig::MaxTextLength
BOOL proxyConfig::Mouse
UINT16 proxyConfig::Port
BOOL proxyConfig::ServerRdpSecurity
BOOL proxyConfig::ServerTlsSecurity
char* proxyConfig::TargetHost
UINT16 proxyConfig::TargetPort
BOOL proxyConfig::TextOnly
BOOL proxyConfig::UseLoadBalanceInfo

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