pClientContext Struct Reference

#include <pf_context.h>

Data Fields

rdpContext context
proxyData * pdata
RdpeiClientContext * rdpei
RdpgfxClientContext * gfx
DispClientContext * disp
CliprdrClientContext * cliprdr
BOOL allow_next_conn_failure

Detailed Description

Wraps rdpContext and holds the state for the proxy's client.

Field Documentation

BOOL pClientContext::allow_next_conn_failure
CliprdrClientContext* pClientContext::cliprdr
rdpContext pClientContext::context
DispClientContext* pClientContext::disp
RdpgfxClientContext* pClientContext::gfx
proxyData* pClientContext::pdata
RdpeiClientContext* pClientContext::rdpei

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