mfPeerContext Struct Reference

#include <mf_interface.h>

Data Fields

rdpContext _p
mfInfo * info
wStream * s
BOOL activated
UINT32 frame_id
BOOL audin_open
RFX_CONTEXT * rfx_context
NSC_CONTEXT * nsc_context
audin_server_context * audin
RdpsndServerContext * rdpsnd

Field Documentation

rdpContext mfPeerContext::_p
BOOL mfPeerContext::activated
audin_server_context* mfPeerContext::audin
BOOL mfPeerContext::audin_open
UINT32 mfPeerContext::frame_id
mfInfo* mfPeerContext::info
NSC_CONTEXT* mfPeerContext::nsc_context
RdpsndServerContext* mfPeerContext::rdpsnd
RFX_CONTEXT* mfPeerContext::rfx_context
wStream* mfPeerContext::s
HANDLE mfPeerContext::vcm

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