IAudinDevice Struct Reference

#include <audin.h>

Data Fields

UINT(* Open )(IAudinDevice *devplugin, AudinReceive receive, void *userData)
BOOL(* FormatSupported )(IAudinDevice *devplugin, const AUDIO_FORMAT *format)
UINT(* SetFormat )(IAudinDevice *devplugin, const AUDIO_FORMAT *format, UINT32 FramesPerPacket)
UINT(* Close )(IAudinDevice *devplugin)
UINT(* Free )(IAudinDevice *devplugin)

Field Documentation

UINT(* IAudinDevice::Close) (IAudinDevice *devplugin)
BOOL(* IAudinDevice::FormatSupported) (IAudinDevice *devplugin, const AUDIO_FORMAT *format)
UINT(* IAudinDevice::Free) (IAudinDevice *devplugin)
UINT(* IAudinDevice::Open) (IAudinDevice *devplugin, AudinReceive receive, void *userData)
UINT(* IAudinDevice::SetFormat) (IAudinDevice *devplugin, const AUDIO_FORMAT *format, UINT32 FramesPerPacket)

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