#include <ndr.h>

Data Fields

unsigned short MustSize: 1
unsigned short MustFree: 1
unsigned short IsPipe: 1
unsigned short IsIn: 1
unsigned short IsOut: 1
unsigned short IsReturn: 1
unsigned short IsBasetype: 1
unsigned short IsByValue: 1
unsigned short IsSimpleRef: 1
unsigned short IsDontCallFreeInst: 1
unsigned short SaveForAsyncFinish: 1
unsigned short Unused: 2
unsigned short ServerAllocSize: 3

Field Documentation

unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsBasetype
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsByValue
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsDontCallFreeInst
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsIn
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsOut
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsPipe
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsReturn
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::IsSimpleRef
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::MustFree
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::MustSize
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::SaveForAsyncFinish
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::ServerAllocSize
unsigned short PARAM_ATTRIBUTES::Unused

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