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 add_subdirectory (common) if(FREERDP_VENDOR AND WITH_CLIENT) if(WIN32 AND NOT UWP) add_subdirectory(Windows) else() if(WITH_SAMPLE) add_subdirectory(Sample) endif() endif() if(WITH_X11) add_subdirectory(X11) endif() if(WITH_WAYLAND AND WAYLAND_FOUND) add_subdirectory(Wayland) endif() if(APPLE) if(IOS) if(IS_DIRECTORY"$
iOS message (STATUS"Adding iOS client") add_subdirectory(iOS) endif() else() add_subdirectory(Mac) endif() endif() if(ANDROID) message(STATUS"Adding Android client") add_subdirectory(Android) endif() endif() if(WITH_CLIENT) set(FILENAME"ModuleOptions.cmake") file(GLOB FILEPATHS RELATIVE $

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add_subdirectory ( common  )

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iOS message ( STATUS"Adding iOS client"  )