casing.c File Reference
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#define WINPR_TOLOWERW(_wch)   (_wch + winpr_casemap_lower[winpr_casemap_lower[_wch >> 8] + (_wch & 0xFF)]);
#define WINPR_TOUPPERW(_wch)   (_wch + winpr_casemap_upper[winpr_casemap_upper[_wch >> 8] + (_wch & 0xFF)]);


const WCHAR winpr_casemap_lower [3807]
const WCHAR winpr_casemap_upper [3994]

Macro Definition Documentation

#define WINPR_TOLOWERW (   _wch)    (_wch + winpr_casemap_lower[winpr_casemap_lower[_wch >> 8] + (_wch & 0xFF)]);

Unicode case mappings

This code is generated by wine's make_unicode script which downloads data from and produces readily usable conversion tables.

After asking permission from Alexandre Julliard in May 2011, it was clarified that no copyright was claimed by the wine project on the script's generated output.

#define WINPR_TOUPPERW (   _wch)    (_wch + winpr_casemap_upper[winpr_casemap_upper[_wch >> 8] + (_wch & 0xFF)]);

Variable Documentation

const WCHAR winpr_casemap_lower[3807]
const WCHAR winpr_casemap_upper[3994]