rdpdrPlugin Struct Reference

#include <rdpdr_main.h>

Data Fields

CHANNEL_DEF channelDef
HANDLE thread
wStream * data_in
void * InitHandle
DWORD OpenHandle
wMessageQueue * queue
DEVMAN * devman
UINT16 versionMajor
UINT16 versionMinor
UINT32 clientID
char computerName [256]
UINT32 sequenceId
HANDLE hotplugThread
HANDLE stopEvent
rdpContext * rdpcontext

Field Documentation

◆ channelDef

CHANNEL_DEF rdpdrPlugin::channelDef

◆ channelEntryPoints

CHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS_FREERDP_EX rdpdrPlugin::channelEntryPoints

◆ clientID

UINT32 rdpdrPlugin::clientID

◆ computerName

char rdpdrPlugin::computerName[256]

◆ data_in

wStream* rdpdrPlugin::data_in

◆ devman

DEVMAN* rdpdrPlugin::devman

◆ hotplugThread

HANDLE rdpdrPlugin::hotplugThread

◆ InitHandle

void* rdpdrPlugin::InitHandle

◆ OpenHandle

DWORD rdpdrPlugin::OpenHandle

◆ queue

wMessageQueue* rdpdrPlugin::queue

◆ rdpcontext

rdpContext* rdpdrPlugin::rdpcontext

◆ sequenceId

UINT32 rdpdrPlugin::sequenceId

◆ stopEvent

HANDLE rdpdrPlugin::stopEvent

◆ thread

HANDLE rdpdrPlugin::thread

◆ versionMajor

UINT16 rdpdrPlugin::versionMajor

◆ versionMinor

UINT16 rdpdrPlugin::versionMinor

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