wBufferPool Struct Reference

#include <collections.h>

Collaboration diagram for wBufferPool:

Data Fields

int fixedSize
DWORD alignment
BOOL synchronized
int size
int capacity
void ** array
int aSize
int aCapacity
wBufferPoolItem * aArray
int uSize
int uCapacity
wBufferPoolItem * uArray

Field Documentation

wBufferPoolItem* wBufferPool::aArray
int wBufferPool::aCapacity
DWORD wBufferPool::alignment
void** wBufferPool::array
int wBufferPool::aSize
int wBufferPool::capacity
int wBufferPool::fixedSize
CRITICAL_SECTION wBufferPool::lock
int wBufferPool::size
BOOL wBufferPool::synchronized
wBufferPoolItem* wBufferPool::uArray
int wBufferPool::uCapacity
int wBufferPool::uSize

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